Joomla Site Dehacking

Your website has been hacked? We're here to help!Registered Joomla Security Services providerYour website has been hacked? Do you see something else, than last time when you visit the site? Maybe a red "Reported Attack Page" banner? Anything else making you believe that something wrong is happened? Do you need post-hacking recovery? Or you just want to prevent this from happening and need a thoughtful Joomla security audit? Eventually you ordered our Joomla security audit package, and we (or someone else) signaled, that your site is (probably) hacked and you need a fast and effective cleanup?

For as low as* $250/200€ we will examine your site, will quarantine and remove all infected files, cleaning your Joomla install from hacker's code, we remove malware found, seal security breaches and notify Google via the google webmaster account that it is now safe and request a review to remove the warning. As part of our company policy wich includes hardening Joomla installs as we are working them, you will benefit from this too, we will add our tried and true of free Joomla security components and apply our best security related settings to make your site more hacker proof in the future. We will also make recommendations on how to prevent future hacks from ruining your business and reputation. If you opt for purchasing our Joomla Security Update package, we will patch your site to the highest available security standards, (we are successfully hardening to an acceptable security level most Joomla installs), we will do regular security audits, apply all available updates to the components on your site to prevent hacking, and in the highly unlikely situation of still being hacked, we guarantee free restore and cleanup in record time, during the next 12 months when any security incident occurs.

Get your website cleaned up and all malicious code removed today. Your website will be back in order in no time.

If you need our helping hand, contact us using either the contact info posted in the right under Online Support, or use our Contact Us form.

Get your site cleaned and back in order!

* Actual prices can vary. On the evaluation phase we will notify you if the actual situation requires more efforts/resources - so a bigger price. We will proceed only if you agree with the eventual price changes. But generally, on most cases our initial price for cleaning hacked sites will cover all expenses.