Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing, text processing, other prepress activities

Székelyföldi Áttekintő - 1992
Székelyföldi Áttekintő newspaper, 1992
Vuk - mesekönyv, 1994
Vuk - storybook, 1994
Wolfhart Zoltán - Kopjafa helyett
Wolfhart Zoltán - Kopjafa helyett - history-book
Csíkszereda címere
Csíkszereda's coat of arms
Tejgyár - szórólap
Tejgyár - flyer
Városi gólyabál - plakát
Városi gólyabál - poster
Csíkszeredai képeslapok jegyzéke
Csíkszereda - postcard catalogue
Decoratex - szórólap
Decoratex - flyer
Csíkszereda - a város lapja
Csíkszereda - the City Hall's paper

As you can see, a large variety of typographic products were mastered by us. In the past decade we collaborated with almost every local typography, many publishers, from the smallest to the well-known big guns, newspapers, foundations, churches and ordinary people.

NyomdagépWhat we offer?

  • Accurate, high quality service.
  • Time is money - even for us, so we prefer to do the job as quick as possible without compromising the quality.
  • Wen are a small family firm, so you can expect to be treated as a family member.


Our prices are settled as low as possible. We don't want to to lamb down our customers, we prefer to make small profits as often as we can, instead of losing a potentially returning customer. For this very reason we have a very flexible pricing, depending on exact knowledge of the requested job and the customer. The price fixing depends on many factorsEek, so we do not have a pre-estabilished price list. But we can give you some orientative prices as guidelines:

B/W newspaper, page size A4, typesetting and makeup, printing the page proof 1 day 25 euro
Wedding card (page proof for one color - silver, gold, black) 2 hours 5 euro
B/W business/calling cards - 100 pcs. 1 day 3.5 euro
Full color business/calling cards - 100 pcs. 1 day 5 euro

All prices can change, depending on the preferences of the customer and the urgency and complexity of the job .